Transport Planner

Arad, Arad
Job Automotive
Salariu 1000-1170€ net
Program 08:00-16:30

We are looking for a Transport Planner with English, for our client, an automotive OEM company.

As a Transport Planner you will have the following responsibilities:

• Design and optimize the transport network: You will be responsible for developing efficient routes for transportation. This involves analyzing various factors such as distance, fuel consumption, and vehicle capacity to ensure the most effective use of resources.

• Create and implement cost-optimized routes: Your role will involve creating routes that not only ensure timely delivery but also minimize costs. This includes considering factors such as fuel efficiency, driver hours, and vehicle maintenance.

• Create business cases in collaboration with respective plants: You will work with various plants to create business cases. This involves analyzing the cost, feasibility, and impact on operations of different transportation strategies and presenting this information to decisionmakers.

• Plan transport for the EU Network: This involves planning and coordinating transportation activities for the EU Inbound Network. You will need to ensure that all transportation activities align with the overall objectives of the network.

• Track and analyze network performance: You will be responsible for monitoring key performance indicators such as on-time delivery (OTD), CO2 emissions, costs, and savings. This involves regularly reviewing performance data and identifying areas for improvement.

• Discuss carrier performance in collaboration with purchasing: You will work with the purchasing department to discuss carrier performance. This includes reviewing carrier performance data, identifying issues, and working with carriers to improve service.

• Participate in the tendering of carriers with purchasing: You will participate in the tendering process, helping to select carriers based on factors such as cost, reliability, and service quality.

• Maintain routes in the Transport Management System (TMS) Software: You will use TMS software to maintain and update transport routes. This involves regularly reviewing routes and adjusting as necessary to improve efficiency.

• Manage claims related to transportation: You will handle any claims related to transportation. This includes investigating claims, coordinating with insurance providers, and resolving issues.

• Develop the transport management system: You will contribute to the development of the transport management system. This includes identifying opportunities for improvement, suggesting add-ons to the software, and working with IT to implement changes.

Minimum requirements:

• Experience in operative transport planning: Prior experience in planning and implementing transport operations is necessary.

• Carrier experience: Having worked for a carrier will be beneficial.

• Analytic skills: Strong analytic skills are essential for analyzing performance data and identifying areas for improvement. Experience with analytical tools such as PowerBI is a plus.

• Language skills: Proficiency in English is required, while knowledge of German would be advantageous.

• Knowledge of a Transport Management System (TMS): Familiarity with a TMS, preferably Alpega, would be beneficial.

• SAP knowledge: Experience with SAP would be advantageous.

• MS-Office proficiency: Proficiency in MS-Office tools such as Outlook, Excel

• Sea and Airfreight knowledge: Understanding of sea and air freight operations is necessary.


• Salary based on your professional experience and skills

• Flexible working hours

• Meal tickets

• Medical insurance for you and your family

• Development programs, foreign language courses

• Holiday bonuses

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